Disrupt or Be Disrupted…

… either way you need to position your Smart Home/Internet-of-Things (IoT) company, your Energy Utility or Telco/ISP for the ‘The Perfect Storm’, as the market transition towards the Smart Home/IoT consumer mass market is happening right now!

The convergence of megatrends and disruptions from CE/platform companies such as Google, Apple and Samsung make this market extremely interesting.

These forces at work will be either game-changing and prosperous for the current market players, or they will be devastating.

Are you strategically prepared? Are you positioned to exploit the disruptions ahead?

Axelerate is Your Partner in Developing and Implementing Winning Smart Home Strategies and Business Model Innovation

With a clear vision and strategic framework for unlocking the Smart Home mass market, Axelerate offers unique strategy development for companies in the Smart Home, Home Energy Management (HEM) and Smart Metering/Smart Grid markets!

Axelerate operates in the ‘sweet spot’ of these market segments:


By combining unique insight and experience from each market segment, Axelerate has developed a unique Winning Strategy and Collaborative Business Model framework for companies with a strategic intent to expand into the ‘sweet spot’!

Axelerate also collaborates with research partners in order to provide the correct and necessary data for informed strategic decisions. This sometimes require a multitude of specialized expertise in the market segment-related areas around the combined ‘sweet spot’ expertise!

Disruption is bound to happen in the Smart Home industry, so you need to position yourself for that and mobilise your resources accordingly!

The essential acknowledgement here, though, is to strategize out of the combined ‘sweet spot’ understanding of the industries’ structure, dynamics and inter-relationship, the consumer behaviour and attitudes to smart home, HEM and the smart grid, the megatrends shaping the market evolution and the nature of our current paradigm shift!

With industry boundaries constantly shifting, any successful company in these market segments needs to solidly rooted in a strategic platform and resilient implementation!

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How do you position yourself and develop a Winning Strategy and Business Model in this fragmented industry?

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