Company Profile

Axelerate is your partner in developing Winning Strategies and supportive innovative Business Model designs!

The company was founded in 2009 by ‘Thought Leader’, Strategy and Business Development Executive, Morten Bremild. It is rooted in an underlying ambition to unlock the vast Smart Home mass market.

What You Can Expect

We provide truly unique market, customer and industry insight to large and small companies in the Internet-of-Things (IoT)/Big Data/Data Analytics and Home Automation/Energy Management/Smart Grid industry segments!

This insight represents the point of departure for everything we do! It facilitates the process of developing disruptive and innovative Winning Strategies based on the company’s core competences and competitive advantages!

We would feel privileged to be entrust the creation of the strategic platform for success for your company!

Thank you in advance!

Our Mission

It is our mission to accelerate smart home living in collaboration with the most innovative and agile companies in the Energy Management/Smart Grid/Home Automation industry, and we believe it can be done through smarter home thinking!


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