“To win the game, one must know the rules for winning!”

Axelerate provides Strategy Consulting Services and Interim Management to companies in the ICT/Home Automation/Smart Grid/Energy Management industry

Our clients span from startups and other newcomers to the industry over small/medium-sized Solution Providers to large mature Energy Utilities and Telcos/Broadband Providers.

Please take a look at our Consultancy Services and Interim Business Services below. They are guidelines for you, and we are prepared and capable of putting together any combination of the services as per your request. We are here to assist you – in all its simplicity, that is our purpose!

To join the future smart home market revolution, many of today’s industry players need to cast away conventional wisdom and strategically re-position for a collaborative and interoperable industry.

We provide truly unique market, customer and industry insight to companies in the Smart Home and Energy Management/Smart Grid industry in the process of developing disruptive and innovative Winning Strategies for you based on your company’s core competences and competitive advantages!

Not those of your competitors, which is surprisingly often the case, when companies pursue the same opportunities and customers.

Read this Strategy Case Study about Blackberry maker, Research In Motion (RIM), for an elaboration of this statement!

The essence, though, is this: Winning strategies are always rooted in the company’s core competences and ability-to-execute, but few companies actually recognize it when fast-evolving markets take new directions or industry boundaries move closer under the pressure from disruptive new entrants!

Our ambition is to unlock the vast Smart Home mass market in collaboration with YOU!

Ask yourself this question: Are you playing to win? If so, can you ever win the game without knowing the ‘rules for winning’ and which competences to exploit or acquire?

Learn the Rules for Winning in the Smart Home/Energy Management/Smart Grid industry and Axelerate your smart home strategy now!

1Winning Strategy

First, we review your current strategy. Then, we design a Winning Strategy with you, including an effective and flexible Implementation Plan to allow for corrective actions in the ever-changing environment!

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2Interim Management

We have the market and industry insight, we have industry-related management experience and the strategy capabilities, so all we need is your trust to apply them! In particular our recent ‘Sales Hunting’ Business Service is attractive to many Solution/Technology Providers in the industry!

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3Conference Speaker

Engage ‘Thought Leader’ and ‘Associate Expert’, Morten Bremild, as Conference Speaker, Strategy Workshop Facilitator or Panel Discussion Moderator

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